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With budgets under constant pressure, but the learning and business performance needs of organisations remaining as critical as ever, L&D teams are responding by moving learning out of the classroom and into the workplace. For many the emphasis has been on creating a 70:20:10 learning environment, with 70% of learning taking place in the workplace, 20% through peer to peer learning, and only 10% in a formal learning environment.

Success requires the transformation of a learning curriculum into multiple, varied and compelling peer to peer and individual learning opportunities that are all closely aligned to the business’s strategy and operational needs.

It also requires a structured programme that properly engages and motivates managers and individuals to actively take control of their learning, bringing them plenty of opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge in the workplace, on line and in groups and individually.

We offer our clients an end to end service for designing, developing and implementing 70:20:10 programmes. Contact us to discuss your 70:20:10 challenges and opportunities.

Case Studies

The UK Retail Academy was a success because it created a development culture delivered straight to our UK retail stores and an unprecedented desire to learn amongst the in-store population’ Caroline Carr, Head of Sales and Service Academy O2

O2 needed to revitalise and modernise their UK Retail Academy to equip all retail staff to drive improved business and customer service performance. The aim was to create genuine ‘learning pull’ rather than central L&D ‘push’. 81 different learning modules were designed using the principles of 70:20:10. This gave learners the ability to access tailored content based on their learning gaps aligned with their role competencies – as well as their own learning preferences.  This approach dramatically improved engagement and participation.

This major programme incorporated a range of learning tools, from simulations, eLearning, quizzes, assessments, forums, videos, and webinars along with extensive programmes of manager coaching and mentoring to encourage teams and individuals to take participate and take responsibility for their learning.

Contact us if you’d like to find out more about how we can help you by:

Upgrading: your existing programmes, to provide modular, easy to tailor and teach, content that is properly connected to your business drivers and objectives.

Innovating: taking your classroom or pedestrian eLearning and providing a range of delivery options, incorporating online technologies, on the job and task based learning, and manager/peer group learning opportunities that ensure your learning mix is exactly what your organisation needs to progress.

Integrating: your learning programmes into the business, with culture change programmes, alignment with career and development programmes, manager coaching and mentoring programmes and integration into existing LMS and other learning technologies.

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