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Living Your Brand

Living Your Brand

What is the programme about?

Living Your Brand is, like much of our content, a programme whose success depends on the change process around it as much as – or even more than – the workshop itself. For service people to truly deliver the brand promise, a major cultural transformation is often required, and certainly goes beyond the 'laminated card' approach. It makes sense therefore to consider this programme in conjunction with our Capability Building® System – a single workshop or cascade alone will not produce results.

Having said that, the workshop component of Living Your Brand is tailored to the specific brand promises and customer insights in your overall proposition. These are mapped onto the key sales, service, complaints and collections drivers, and staff are engaged around both the 'why' and 'how' of the new interactions. At the same time, line managers are trained to 'own' the changes and help them to stick through group and/or individual coaching and the benchmarking of application.

Living the Brand programmes often draw heavily on our own researched approaches (see for example the section on our R3 methodology) and on those that are co-created with your own staff.

Who will benefit from this programme?

Living Your Brand is appropriate for all customer-facing staff in an organisation, and especially in areas where there are inconsistencies between the brand promise and service reality.

What challenges will this programme help you address?

Our entire Living Your Brand process is designed to:

  • Improve consistency in customer experience across multiple channels
  • Align the reality of service, sales, complaint handling and collections with the defining characteristics of your brand promise
  • Achieve a lasting change that cannot be accomplished simply by edict from Head Office


Mapping the Customer Experience/Journey

Mapping the Customer Experience/Journey

What is the programme about?

This is an intense, facilitated workshop that is designed to deepen your understanding of the customer’s full suite of interactions with your business, from awareness to consideration, to buying and the whole range of service interactions across different channels. It is an important starting point to building consistency across multichannel touch-points, and to differentiating your proposition through service.

It generally forms part of a wider change programme (see our Capability Building® System), but can also be valuable as a stand-alone tool.

Who will benefit from this programme?

Mapping the Customer Experience/Journey is appropriate for senior marketing and service leaders, along with functional experts and Channels manager, who can bring specific insights to the table.

What challenges will this programme help you address?

Mapping the Customer Experience is designed to:

  • Provide clarity around the many customer touch-points in an organisation
  • Create an agenda for improving consistency and quality of customer experience across multiple channels
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