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Sales-Enabled Product Training (SEPT™)

Most training around new product and proposition launches focuses on the 'what and how': what the new product or service does, and how it works. It fails to show people how to sell the new proposition: why people need it, what value it will create, how it stacks up against their decision criteria, and how to manage the risks it might create.

Product training also often takes the form of fairly primitive eLearning: essentially a PowerPoint with a voiceover but limited interactivity. This approach offers no opportunities to practise selling the new proposition before people are sitting in front of a customer, and is inefficient when used as a reference tool.  

Train salespeople how to sell your new proposition, not just what it is

Imparta’s SEPT™ tool allows you to create product training that fits directly with your sales methodology, whether that is our award-winning Creating Client Value™ or your own internal approach.

It creates advanced eLearning that works both for initial training and for ongoing support in the field. It can include extensive skills practice (including in-depth exercises and incredibly realistic mini-simulations).

Build interactive product training in a streamlined way… and be able to edit it yourself

Imparta’s SEPT™ tool also includes a PowerPoint plugin that helps your marketing teams to create product training that is 'right first time'. A template-based approach and built-in support makes sure that the structure and content are right, ready for final assets to be added by your internal L&D teams (or Imparta if you wish).

The tool also includes the ability to edit interactive exercises directly in PowerPoint, so that when aspects of the proposition change (as they will, of course), you can update them without having to go back to an external vendor.


Part of a blended approach

For especially important launches, we can create events that mesh seamlessly with the eLearning… from a virtual launch event to in-depth face-to-face training sessions and unique, creative, high-impact motivational sessions that will remain in the memory for a long time.

Please get in touch if you’d like to see SEPT™ in more detail or talk about how it could work for your business.

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