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Sales and Service



Sales Through Service

Sales Through Service

What is the programme about?

Many customer service staff chose that role specifically because they do not wish to be 'in sales'. And yet, a major source of revenue growth lies in subtly (and ethically) looking for new customer needs during a service interaction.

Our customised Sales Through Service programme helps service staff to identify potential needs that can be met... whether a change of address creates a need for new white goods or financial products, or a complaint suggests an underlying issue that could be met a different way.

The programme equips people with a natural, non-scripted way of exploring those needs further, and guiding the customer through a simple journey (Considering, Choosing, Worrying and Buying) that helps them understand what they should be doing to help at each stage.

Where there is a more complex sales process involved, the programme is adapted to help service staff to hand over to the sales team at a point – and in a way – that is designed to maximise conversion.

The process and training is available for both telephone based and face-to-face service staff.

Who will benefit from this programme?

Sales Through Service is appropriate for all service staff whose contact with customers could lead them to identify genuine needs that your business (or if appropriate, a partner) could meet.

What challenges will this programme help you address?

The Sales Through Service programme is designed to:

  • Ensure that service staff are comfortable with a more sales-oriented role
  • Move the dial on cross-sell and up-sell ratios
  • Ensure a good level of conversion once a new opportunity has been identified
  • Avoid alienating customers


Sales for Support Staff

Sales for Support Staff

What is the programme about?

In B2B businesses, support staff play a vital role in helping business developers and account managers to identify and win new opportunities, as well as to retain existing accounts.

As with many of our programmes, Sales for Support Staff is customised from a range of modules to suit your specific issues and environment. However, the typical skills built include:

  • Understanding the customer’s decision process and how the sales team are working with it
  • Identifying new opportunities based on the support team’s understanding of the customer’s business objectives and challenges
  • Identifying and introducing new 'Centres of Receptivity' to the sales team to help them navigate within the account
  • Tracking the customer’s Value Criteria and how your business is performing against them… to help with winning new business and also retaining existing contracts
  • Spotting which pieces of customer/market intelligence are of value – and when it’s OK to communicate them back to the sales team
  • Delivering on promises to help cement trust between the two organisations
  • Resolving service issues well (using root cause analysis) to free up salespeople and account managers to focus on selling and relationship management rather than fire fighting
  • How to use 'whole account team' management and planning tools

Who will benefit from this programme?

Sales for Support Staff is a very valuable programme for a wide range of people involved in supporting the sales team. This can include specific Sales Engineers, but also includes all service staff whose contact with customers puts them in a position where they can gather insight or help to build relationships.

What challenges will this programme help you address?

As part of an integrated approach, the Sales for Support Staff programme is an important tool for:

  • Increasing account penetration and share of wallet
  • Improving win rates on new opportunities
  • Helping to free up your sales team to focus on new business generation
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