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Advanced Facilitation Skills

What is the programme about?

In the short term, this programme increases your understanding, confidence and effectiveness in the deployment of facilitation skills, tools and processes. In the long term, it ensures that you are fully competent and confident to help your company and clients to maximise the value derived from your skills – including your product training and/or any meetings you facilitate, helping them to come to more robust decisions more effectively.

Who will benefit from the programme?

Anyone involved in leading and facilitating group sessions (e.g. creative, training, decision-making).

What challenges will the programme help you address?

Advanced Facilitation Skills is designed to produce the following outcomes:

  • Understand the role of a facilitator, what they focus on and when they are used
  • Know the difference between preventions and interventions and how to leverage interventions at the start of a session
  • Understand facilitation processes/steps and be able to effectively contract with a sponsor
  • The ability to create an effective facilitation agenda and understand the key components used within it
  • Set up a room ready for a facilitated session and have a checklist to ensure nothing is forgotten
  • Be able to use of a wide variety of facilitation tools and explain when and how these are used
  • The ability to intervene appropriately in the dynamics of a group to ensure effective conclusions are reached
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