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Customer behaviours and journeys are evolving rapidly. Our clients want to stay ahead of market and customer changes. To do this they ask us to train their marketers in up to date actionable skills with tools and techniques that drive sustainable business results.

In particular, we find CMOs believe their teams are least prepared to deal with:

  • The challenges presented by the explosion of data sources and the need to drive value from the data
  • An increasingly empowered customer base along with the evolving challenges of social media
  • The need to get back to basics: understanding customers and driving actionable insights and propositions from the insights
  • Ensuring the brand lives beyond a communications campaign by educating and aligning all customer functions with the brand’s values
  • Managing costs and increasing the value captured from partnerships
  • Ensuring marketing and sales functions work seamlessly together
  • Working across cultures and creating collaborative teams in multiple markets

We address all these marketing challenges and many more with our clients. Whether in a just-in-time intervention to build a specific marketing capability, or as part of a long term Marketing Academy skills programme, Imparta's experiential approach to blended learning ensures that we link practical marketing to the real business issues and challenges that marketers face in their own company. We bring best practice and cross-industry examples to stimulate new ideas and work closely with our sales and service teams to help organisations develop a truly joined-up approach to customer engagement.

We also develop marketing competency assessments to identify and monitor the skill levels of your marketing teams.


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