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Creating Client Value

What is the programme about?

Continual technological progress and more cost-effective solutions have made the cost of entry to new markets significantly lower, resulting in greater competition. It’s hard to differentiate on product alone, so great salespeople create value by identifying needs more clearly, designing solutions more creatively, and facilitating the customer’s decision process more skilfully than the competition.

Imparta’s core sales methodology, 'Creating Client Value' (CCV), has been helping salespeople to drive revenue growth for over a decade. By getting beneath the surface of the client’s needs and exploring business needs broadly and deeply, the salesperson can work with the client to create joined-up solutions that reach across the organisation to deliver maximum value to the business. For more information, see the web page on the Creating Client Value methodology, or our White Paper on Creating Client Value.

Who will benefit from this programme?

This programme is especially effective for experienced salespeople who need to work with a more complex portfolio of products or services, or for teams who need to differentiate their sales approach from the competition.

What will this programme help you solve?

CCV will help you to address the following common challenges:

  • Weak sales pipeline. CCV includes advanced techniques for referral and lead generation, combined with highly effective account entry strategies.
  • Long cycle time. CCV’s sophisticated approach to navigating complex buyer roles finds the pressure points in the organisation to build momentum behind the decision.
  • Low share of wallet/average account size. Participants develop solution selling skills that identify the breadth of issues that your capabilities can map against.
  • Low conversion rate from suspects into concrete opportunities. CCV improves conversion rates by teaching salespeople to quantify the case for change.
  • Low win rates. CCV tools uncover the criteria that customers use to assess competing solutions, and help develop strategies for dealing with them.
  • Discounting to win business. CCV focuses on what client’s value, offering more levers to win pitches than price alone. CCV also focuses on how to work effectively with Procurement.
  • Stalled opportunities. CCV will teach your teams to identify when risks are blocking progress, and to uncover specific risks at the strategic, tactical, political and personal levels.
  • Failing to deliver the value that has been promised. CCV provides insight into the phases of implementation that follow a sale, and tools to make sure you deliver the promised value.
  • New opportunities not identified. CCV builds the right behaviours to extend your reach within each account.
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Creating Client Value

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