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Sales Coaching

What is the programme about?

Many sales managers are promoted because they are good salespeople, not necessarily because they are good managers, and that can seriously affect your performance as an organisation.

Imparta’s Sales Coaching programme is specifically tailored to the sales environment. It allows managers to develop skills and behaviours to ensure coaching conversations drive individual and business performance.

Your managers ‘learn by doing’ through a series of realistic and challenging coaching scenarios, and our follow-through tools ensure that they continue coaching with the right frequency and to the right level.

Who will benefit from this programme?

This programme is suitable for anyone involved in developing others within the sales arena. Typical roles include Sales Managers and Directors, Channel Managers, Commercial Managers and Directors.

What will this programme help you solve?

Imparta’s Sales Coaching programme addresses the following common issues:

  • Underperforming Sales Teams. Sales Coaching can be the difference between underperformance and success. One business measured a 15% increase in sales performance within three months of coaching training with Imparta. Our research shows that improving a manager’s coaching competence by 100% can lead to as much as a 100% improvement in sales performance from the team.
  • Missing Opportunities. Attendees learn how to coach using a series of tools that enable coachees to identify a broad set of business needs and opportunities across the customer’s organisation.
  • Low Win Rates. Attendees learn how to improve their team’s success rates by coaching them to understand and influence the buying decision.
  • Average Performance across Sales Teams. Who to coach is a core question every sales manager in every organisation needs to address. In this programme, attendees analyse who to invest time in, when to do it and how to identify the results across the team.
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CSS builds upon existing interpersonal skills to establish the fundamentals of consultative selling, even within a high-volume environment. Suitable for both face-to-face and telesales teams


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