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Sales Manager Programme

What is the programme about?

The sales manager role is truly pivotal in determining the success or failure of an organisation’s sales strategy.

Imparta’s research into the factors that govern the performance of salespeople confirms that the quality of their manager is near the top of the list. Yet many sales managers have been promoted as a result of outstanding sales results, with little or no assessment of the other skills required to succeed in the role or formal training in how to do it.

SMP creates clarity around the scope of the managerial role within your organisation, then helps managers to identify their key priorities. It provides managers with the processes, tools and people skills required to plan strategically and to manage day-to-day. It covers all the key elements of sales management, from territory planning to forecasting, target setting and performance management.

Unlike many sales management training courses the modular structure of SMP allows the programme to be tailored to the organisation’s specific needs. This gives attendees the tools and skills to set up their sales teams for success, whilst managing and growing them using organisational processes to embed and sustain improved results.

Who will benefit from this programme?

This workshop is designed for any sales manager with direct reports. It is best suited to newer first line sales managers who manage salespeople in a business-to-business environment. However, the modular design allows the programme to be adapted to the specific experience, industry and needs of the audience.

What will this programme help you solve?

Imparta’s Sales Management Programme addresses the following common challenges affecting sales team productivity:

  • Poor sales coverage. SMP helps sales managers assess and plan sales coverage to ensure the optimum match between sales resource and market opportunity.
  • Poor sales recruitment. Recruiting the wrong salespeople increases costs and puts a huge brake on revenue growth. SMP provides a combination of competency-based and psychological assessment techniques to help managers select the right teams.
  • Insufficient effective selling time. Most sales teams spend less than 20% of their time in effective selling. SMP provides the framework and tools to help managers as much as double the effective selling time within their team by increasing the percentage of time spent on planning or executing a sale vs. other tasks; focusing on the right customers; and doing the right things with those customers.
  • The 80/20 challenge. In many sales teams, 80% of the business is generated by 20% of the people. SMP equips managers to build a robust plan to develop and leverage all team members, prioritising the manager’s time to achieve maximum effectiveness.
  • Poor forecasting and pipeline management. SMP provides tools and techniques to manage the sales team budget effectively and forecast accurately.
  • Long cycle time. Through effective use of pipeline management, SMP identifies which metrics to drive to increase conversion and win rates.
  • Stagnating accounts. Where share of wallet has reached a plateau or begun to slip, SMP shares proven coaching and feedback methodology which ensures salespeople continuously seek new strategies to reignite accounts.
  • Salespeople retention. Selling in many industries currently is as tough as it’s ever been. SMP shows sales managers how to partner with their salespeople and engage them via efficient target setting, ongoing development and identifying best practice to recognise and appreciate achievement.
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Sales Manager Programme

SMP helps managers to identify their key priorities within the context of their organisation, and provides managers with the processes, tools and people skills required to plan strategically and manage day-to-day activities


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