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Strategic Account Management

What is the program about?

Account planning and management typically leads to the collection of large amounts of data, with little clarity on what data provides the most useful insights for the account. As a result, most plans, once completed, are rarely used and the salesperson often reverts to a reactive state of account management.

Imparta’s Strategic Account Management (SAM) program builds on Imparta’s deep experience in the fields of strategy and sales. It integrates seamlessly with our award winning opportunity management program, Creating Client Value (CCV), and shares the same customer-centric philosophy, enabling clear reporting between new business and account management teams.

SAM introduces a clearly-defined process and an interactive toolkit that allows you to easily track, monitor and create Account Plans. The workshop revolves around practical application and delegates will leave the session with specific actions and objectives for immediate application to their chosen account.

Who will benefit from this program?

This program is especially effective for account managers who have experience of the commercial environment and selling in general, and is scalable for either volume account managers or key account managers.

What will this program help you solve?

The program will help you address the following common challenges:

  • Lack of clarity on your position across the entire account. Our toolkit gives you an easy framework to assess your current position within an account to identify current value.
  • Ineffective account structure in place to service the account needs. In the workshop, you analyze the depth and breadth of existing relationships and define your plan for strengthening your account team structure.
  • New deals stall at the eleventh hour. Our analytical tools enable you to quickly understand the political dynamics and identify key stakeholders that need to be involved in the decision process to enable successful implementation of the solution.
  • Complacency in the account. SAM teaches a robust customer analysis methodology to enhance your understanding of the customer’s marketplace and anticipate what may affect demand for your solutions.
  • High levels of account activity still not making good margins. In the workshop, you examine your account profitability and brainstorm ways to reduce costs and improve overall margins, either for single product lines or the account as a whole.
  • Focused on just one or two territories or product/service areas. Our SAM tools enable you to identify areas of potential growth and opportunity.
  • Lack of a clear strategy for developing the account. Through the process of the workshop, you will create strategies for deeper account penetration.
  • Viewed as a supplier to the account. A core aim of the role of the account manager is becoming a trusted advisor within the account.
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