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C3 – Connect, Commit, Capability

What is the programme about?

Organisations stand and fall by the quality of their people. They are the face of your brand or service in the marketplace, and they drive the products and operations that shape your customers’ experience. A lot of time and effort may be spent on recruiting staff, but if they are not developed and motivated, and given an environment in which they can thrive, they will not operate to their full potential. 

Imparta's service division, Procter, has worked in this area for 30 years. Procter’s C³ model focuses on how to engage and motivate people. Leaders and managers play a key role in rolling out and embedding culture change, particularly in large and geographically diverse organisations.

Procter’s philosophy allows you to deliver good practice behaviour among your team leaders. The first part of this is based on Procter’s research into what’s important to any member of staff when they’re being managed. The outcomes can be summarised as: 

  • Connect – people feeling part of the organisational big picture so awareness and value is high
  • Commit – everyday management support to achieve organisational, people and customer goals
  • Capability – people having the skills and confidence to do the job and progress within it

The C³ management development framework has been designed to provide your people with the glue that will drive consistency of approach and a positive feel-good culture. Each segment is interdependent and linked to building better satisfaction, engagement, or efficiency – and sometimes all of these together.

Who will benefit from this programme?

Leaders and managers throughout the organisation, particularly in large and geographically diverse businesses.

What challenges will this programme help you address?

Some examples of results driven by C³ include:

  • 66% reduction in staff attrition for a major utilities company
  • 71% increase in employee satisfaction for a financial services provider
  • 34% increase in managers walking the talk and 52% reduction in cynicism within a regional police force
  • 60% increase in regular coaching to improve staff performance at a financial services provider
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Customer Focused Culture

CFC employs a ‘7 steps to change’ model, breaking the cultural change journey into key steps and ensuring focus on communication, engagement and buy-in in the early stages of the project. CFC goes well beyond a course; tough workshop-style interactions play an important part in the process


R³ - Reassure, Relate, Resolve

R3 builds the best possible service platform that brings alive a differentiated ‘next step’ of service delivery. From a customer viewpoint it defines success in terms of how well you Reassure, Relate and Resolve/Recommend


Service Improvement

SI engages participants with the vision and values and builds the skills required for superior service, providing frontline teams with a customer experience framework for both face-to-face, telephone and written communications


Sales Through Service

StS provides service staff with the skills and techniques to explore new customer needs during service interactions and guide them effortlessly through their buying decision



Com. equips staff to lower tension and gain trust and customer confidence in order to create an environment in which the best possible resolution for the customer can be achieved



Col. improves the interactions of your collections teams with your customers to increase your share of repayments while retaining customer loyalty


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