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Bite-Sized Learning/Campaigns

cbs cookieNot every learning intervention needs to be a full workshop. Bite-sized learning can be used to develop a specific skill, often in response to market changes (e.g. a new entrant), business issues (e.g. falling win rates, brand recognition or NPS) or an identified skill gap.

Bite-sized learning can be delivered by managers as they see fit, or often embedded into a focused campaign that addresses both 'Skill' and 'Will', using powerful communications, eLearning with manager follow-up, and the collection of results to generate 'buzz' and encourage application.

What's the benefit? Move the dial quickly and efficiently on an issue of real importance to the business.

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- just one element of Imparta’s Capability Building System, a comprehensive, modular toolkit that ensures training interventions create sustained performance improvement. For further details please see Design Your Solution

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