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Fresh, creative thinking

The Challenge

iss tomatoMarketers have to be able to cope with the careful detail of their day-to-day work and still be able to bring fresh, creative thinking to bear on the challenges they face.

This is difficult, and in the busy, noisy rhythm of everyday work thinking can become superficial, narrow, or uninspiring.

Typical solutions

Embedding creativity requires skill-building, but also cultural reinforcement. Managers need to encourage their teams to push their thinking, and to create the time, space and motivation to do so. 

We typically work with companies to design a simple but powerful change process to drive fresh, creative thinking, based on a few selected modules from our Capability Building® System. This is used to reinforce our fresh thinking programmes, which provide techniques to allow marketers to tackle problems in new, different ways. In these programmes, marketers work on a live business challenge which needs a fresh approach and try a series of creative techniques, focusing in on the approach that works best for them.

We also look at the habits of the best creative people and how they 'keep their edge'. We address the challenges to creative thinking in organisations as well as exploring sources for creative inspiration. Managers are provided an online toolkit and coaching to help them make the learning 'STICK' and bring it back into the workplace.

Next steps

  • Use the Design Your Solution part of this website to think through how you might use our Capability Building® System to support the building of a fresh thinking capability in your marketing organisation,  then download a customised PowerPoint presentation that you can use as a thought-starter with your team.
  • Explore the Creative Thinking programme in our Marketing curriculum.
  • Alternatively, contact us to ask a specific question, or to talk to our experts about our experience in building organisational creativity and creating breakthrough ideas. Even if we don't end up working together, we learn by discussing real-world problems, so we're happy to share our insights without obligation.
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