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Cultural transformation

The challenge

iss transformation

Achieving a truly customer focused culture is an ambition harboured by many organisations today, but doing so requires more than a boardroom mission statement.

'Culture' is a complex bundle of interactions, processes, motivations and agendas that shapes the working environment. Changing such an intangible, delicate thing requires specialist tools and skills.

Typical solutions

The good news is that cultural transformation is achievable. It needs to touch people across many levels, from advisors, team leaders to operational managers and the business leaders. Imparta's Capability Building® System provides a sophisticated yet efficient toolkit to tune in to the organisation, turn it on to the new way of doing things, develop behaviours and attitudes, and help them to stick. It addresses the real issues involved in changing culture, including common blockers such as change resistance, hard to reach audiences, and a numbers-driven culture.

Example Case Studies

  • Lloyds Banking Group - Delivering a customer-led culture (we delivered a customer focused culture across 4500 telephony staff, leading to a 12% increase in touch customer satisfaction and a 71% increase in employee satisfaction)
  • Barclaycard - Improving service levels through seven standards

Next steps

  • Take a look at the Customer Focused Cultures part of our Service curriculum.
  • Consider whether the C3 management development framework could help to provide your people with the glue that will drive consistency of approach and a positive feel-good culture.
  • Use the Design Your Solution section part of this website to design a vision for how you could effect a sustainable cultural change. You can then download a customised PowerPoint presentation to use in internal discussions.
  • Contact us to ask any specific questions you may have, or to find out more about how we can help you to deliver a sustainable cultural transformation.
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