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Differentiate vs. competition

The challenge

It is increasingly difficult to differentiate on product and service alone. For many companies, sustainable strategic differentiation relies at least in part on a salesforce that can create value through the sale process itself. Rather than just communicating value, a skilled salesforce creates value by challenging customers to see their issues and solutions in a new way, and by facilitating their buying process.

Typical solutions

Imparta offers a comprehensive system for turning the salesforce into a source of strategic advantage:

  • Our Creating Client Value™ methodology is at the core of many highly successful consultative field sales forces, from Telefonica to Intel and GE. It has been adapted to – and proven in – our industries as diverse as mobile telecoms, software, finance, utilities and aircraft engines.
  • Our Selling to the C-Suite programme helps those senior salespeople who need to engage a very different type of stakeholder, often without a clear knowledge of who C-level executives are or what they care about.
  • Our Strategic Account Management programme is designed to give account managers a powerful and (unusually in this field) practical set of tools to create and capture maximum value from your highest-potential accounts.
  • Our unique SEPT™ technology (Sales-Enabled Product Training) can also help to ensure that proposition training shows salespeople how to sell a new product, not just what it does.
  • Finally, Imparta's comprehensive Capability Building® System provides the 'engine' that will help all these new skills to stick.

Example case studies

Next steps

The O2 Sales Academy is a source of competitive advantage for our business - Telfonica O2
  • Explore our sales curriculum in more detail.
  • Read our White Paper on Creating Client Value
  • Use the Design Your Solution section part of this website to design a change programme to embed these new skills (or reinforce training you have already done). You can then download a customised PowerPoint presentation to use in internal discussions.
  • Contact us to ask specific questions, or to find out more about our work in turning the sales team into a strategic differentiator. Even if we don't end up working together, we learn by discussing real-world problems, so we're happy to share our insights without obligation.
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