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Fix a specific sales issue (e.g. win rate, deal size)

The challenge

Sometimes you don't need to 'sheep-dip' your whole sales team through a new methodology. If the problem is with one specific aspect of sales performance, you'll want to fix it quickly, without too much cost, hassle or time off the road.

Typical solutions

Our Bite-Sized Learning Campaigns are perfect for creating a short, focused intervention that still includes enough reinforcement and follow-through to deliver significant results. All our programmes are modular, so the chances are we can create something that meets your needs very precisely. As examples:

  • Cross-selling and Deal Size. The Gameboard tool in our Strategic Account Management programme is ideal for identifying major cross-selling opportunities for your largest accounts. The Value Chain (in both the SAM and CCV programmes) allows you to drill down to the specific cross-selling opportunities and increase average deal size.
  • Pipeline and lead generation. Lead generation is covered in Creating Client Value™, but we also have a range of other modules, including ones on the use of LinkedIn and highly effective training in the creation of referral-based leads.
  • Improving win rates. The Value Map tools within Creating Client Value™ are extremely powerful, and have increased clients' win rates in competitive situations by as much as a factor of 3.
  • Forecasting accuracy. Our customer-centric Buying Cycle provides a far more accurate guide to deal probabilities than the seller-centric models used in most CRM systems.
  • Reducing customer churn. The same tools that can be used to win deals can also be used to protect your existing accounts.
  • Improving conversion rates in retail sales. Our retail simulations are particularly effective in training sales advisers to guide customers through their decision journey, improving conversion rates in-store.

You may also find our Deal and Account Clinics to be of value for 'must-win' deals and 'must-grow' accounts.

Example case studies

We tackle specific sales issues with virtually all our clients in the sales area.  Please see our full set of case studies for more details.

Next steps

  • Read our White Paper on Creating Client Value (which covers many of the key sales issues).
  • Take a look at our Bite-Sized Learning Campaigns – and remember, they can be combined with any other parts of the Capability Building® System. In particular, the tools in Measure will help to drive the impact of a campaign.
  • Explore our sales curriculum in more detail.
  • Contact us to ask specific questions, or to find out more about how we can help you address your specific sales issues. Even if we don't end up working together, we learn by discussing real-world situations, so we're happy to share our insights without obligation.
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